Why does the same devotional article (day) keep coming up day after day?

Your Web browsing software (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) has a feature called the cache or “Temporary Internet Files.” This feature stores pages you download, …

Do you have a kid’s devotional?

Although we do not have a devotional for children, we recommend Keys For Kids that is distributed by CBH Ministries. You can locate them on the Internet at www.cbhministries.org or write to PO Box 1001, Grand Rapids, MI 49501.


Quick guide on how to add RBC’s bookmarklets to your browser’s toolbar

  1. Make sure that the “links” toolbar on your browser is visible.
  2. Right click on the links toolbar in your…

Sports Spectrum Blog

Biblical themes are the hallmark of this weekly program as Sports Spectrum chaplain Bill Crowder creatively presents thought-provoking dialog on the convergence of faith and competition.

Find Sports Spectrum Blog Online:

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