The Glory Seeker

Some of us might find it difficult to be around those who use whatever occasion or means they can to call attention to their own successes. Yet at the same time we can be blind to the endless, subtle, and ironic means by which we ourselves seek attention, affirmation, and praise. Maybe it is because […]

In the End and Beginning

As we come to the end of the Sochi Winter Games, an article in the Washington Post asks whether any other host city will ever be able to match the size, cost, and 51 billion dollar showcase created by Vladimir Putin. At the same time we are hearing stories of some athletes who expect this […]

She Did What She Could

This week on Discover the Word, Elisa Morgan has been leading our conversations with a study of the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume, mixing it with her tears, and then drying them with her hair. When some present objected saying that she had wasted what could have been sold for money that […]


Seeing the nations of the world coming together peacefully around the common language of sport says a lot about our shared humanity. So does the fact that our athletes are competing with one another for personal and national glory in snow covered mountains, surrounded by fences and armies of anti-terrorist security. May be a small […]

The Spirituality of Sport

On the heels of Seattle’s stunning Super Bowl victory over Denver, and in the week leading up to 18 televised nights of the Sochi Winter Games, it seems like a good time to think about one of life’s great ironies. In some ways religion and the games we play seem like a strange pairing. But […]

A Week of Mixed Emotions

This has been a week of loss and sadness—mixed with anticipation— for our Discover the Word radio team. On Friday’s program of last week Haddon Robinson announced that the limitations of his recently diagnosed Parkinson’s Disease are making it necessary for him to step away from 23 years of leading conversations of Bible study with […]

Live Loved

When I first heard a friend talk about the idea that a relationship with Jesus boils down to a chance to live loved, I was hooked. Two words. So simple. So profound. Since then I have come back to those two words as I’ve worked with a variety of texts, plots and characters of the […]

Looking for Wisdom

From Eden until now, one of life’s great challenges has been to see the difference between wisdom and knowledge. The difference is just as needed when it comes to our understanding of the Bible—and maybe more so in our information age. Yet it doesn’t even take a knowledge of the Bible to see that each […]

Avoiding the Potholes

With the recent thaw after a lengthy period of below normal temperatures, Michigan roads have suddenly become littered with axle-busting potholes. Our local paper reported yesterday that road crews are out trying to fill as many as possible. But as the the snow has begun to fall again, we have more than slippery conditions to […]

Mark of the Forgiven

With just a few words, someone who knew what it was like to deny Christ gave us a lot to think about. According to Peter, if we are not growing in our love for others, we have forgotten how much we’ve been forgiven (2Peter 1:8-9). Jesus said something similar to a Pharisee who objected when […]