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Bless the Interruptions by Joe Stowell

Everyone encounters unexpected challenges in life from time to time. Listen in as Joe Stowell shares how “interruptions” in our lives can be used by God to bless us and to...

Blessed Assurance by Joe Stowell

Do all faiths lead to God? Can you be assured of heaven if you have lived a good life? Listen in as Joe Stowell shares about the “blessed assurance” that the...

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Good for Nothing by Joe Stowell

Does God want us to lead good lives? Absolutely! However, can striving for good behavior actually get in the way of true intimacy with Jesus? You bet. Listen as Joe Stowell...

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Ant World by Joe Stowell

We often live our lives like ants—busy with the routines of our daily activities and oblivious to the bigger picture of what is going on around us. Listen in as Joe...

Love Letters by Joe Stowell

The Bible is God’s love letter to you! Do you delight in getting to know Him better through His word? Listen in as Joe Stowell talks about the benefits of spending...

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Love Never Fails by Joe Stowell

How do you support your friends or loved ones when they make life choices that you may disagree with? Join Joe Stowell as he talks about Matthew 5, and shares how...

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Ash Heap Christians by Joe Stowell

Joe Stowell reminds us that at the end of our lives, we will give an account for what we have done. Listen to his thoughts on 1 Corinthians 3, and learn...

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Thanks For The Memories by Joe Stowell

Join us as Joe Stowell takes a walk down “Memory Lane.” The Bible is filled with stories of people who forgot about God’s faithfulness in their lives. How easy it is...

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How Did I Get Stuck Here by Joe Stowell

How do you react when you find yourself “stuck” in an unpleasant season of life? Join us as Joe Stowell shares some insights from the life of the Apostle Paul. Although...

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Becoming Like Jesus

Joe Stowell discusses what to do in order to be like Jesus!

Choices by Joe Stowell

Joe Stowell shares that our lives aren’t built upon the dreams that we dream, but by the choices we make.

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For Fathers by Joe Stowell

Happy Father’s Day! Listen in as Joe Stowell discusses the attributes of our Father in heaven and encourages fathers everywhere to ask themselves, “What has God been like to me? How…

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Live to Serve by Joe Stowell

Joe Stowell discusses the joy that comes when you turn over the bragging rights of your life to Jesus.

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From the Inside Out by Joe Stowell

Listen in as Joe Stowell reviews the story of Jonah and the whale. Although Jonah eventually conceded to God’s plan, his heart was still cold toward the people of Nineveh. When...

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God is Good…All the Time by Joe Stowell

Our lives are like construction projects and are built one small piece at a time. Is Jesus the cornerstone of your life? Every building needs a strong foundation, so join us...