One of the most important ways God reveals Himself to us, and to others

Our days are often crammed with tasks, errands, and the routine responsibilities that have to get done. Let’s leave a little room in our lives to experience wonder!

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5 “Harmless” Phrases We Use

We probably have said something before that unwittingly hurt others, caused others to stumble, or even saddened God. While we may not have had the intention of causing harm, what’s done is done. Ephesians 4:29 reminds us to “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as […]

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A Fresh Start

In many countries, health laws prohibit reselling or reusing old mattresses. Only landfills will take them. Tim Keenan tackled the problem and today his business employs a dozen people to extract the individual components of metal, fabric, and foam in old mattresses for recycling. But that’s only part of the story. Journalist Bill Vogrin wrote, “Of all the items Keenan recycles . . . it’s the people that may be his biggest success” (The Gazette, Colorado Springs). Keenan hires men from halfway houses and homeless shelters, giving them a job and a second chance. He says, “We take guys nobody else wants.”

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The End Of An Era

This past weekend, longtime New York Yankee shortstop and captain Derek Jeter concluded his storied career at Fenway Park, home of the Yankees’ fiercest rivals, the Boston Red Sox. In spite of that, however, the exclamation point on Jeter’s Hall of Fame career came Thursday night at the big ball park in the Bronx, Yankee…

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The Awareness of the Call

We are inclined to forget the deeply spiritual and supernatural touch of God. If you are able to tell exactly where you were when you received the call of God and can explain all about it, I question whether you have truly been called. The call of God does not come like that; it is much more supernatural. The realization of the call in a person’s life may come like a clap of thunder or it may dawn gradually.

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On the Road Again

“For God… made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 4:6

I hate being lost. I’ve always had a good sense of direction and can usually find my way around without much trouble. But on the …

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may i say something?

Elihu was upset. As he listened to the conversation between a suffering man and three of his friends, he became more and more angry (Job 32:2-3).

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How embracing doubt can actually lead people to embrace the Savior!

When telling others about Christ, we often try to remove all uncertainty from their minds. We believe that doubt prevents people from coming to faith. Our series on evangelism continues.

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The stage we call “Social Media”

“All the world’s a stage; and all the men and women merely players.” —William Shakespeare Social media is a stage—one where we act out the identities we wish people around us to see. I am no hater of social media. In fact, I spend a lot of time surfing […]

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Amazing Grace

Pressed into service in the Royal Navy, John Newton was dismissed for insubordination and turned to a career trafficking in slaves. Notorious for cursing and blasphemy, Newton served on a slave ship during the cruelest days of trans-Atlantic slavery, finally working his way up to captain.


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